This is Namwa's about page

Hi there, thanks for visiting my page.

I’m Namwa - a lifelong learner and a frontend developer currently based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Here’s a bit about me

I have shifted a career into tech back in 2017.

When I was first introduced to the tech world, I was in awe as if I entered into a whole new world! I’m motivated every time I create something people find useful.

I’m more of a visual person and I like to work in the frontend - the visual components of the websites.

Because I come from the non-tech world, I understand both the language of non-tech end users and the language of developers. I believe I can bridge the gap between the two and identify what outcome the users want.

Works that I’ve done

Mainly frontend development - the visual components of websites. I build interactive web apps using Vue and Tailwind CSS. I also work with Go templates and Hugo, a Static Site Generator, which is good for building fast loading sites.

I built frontend works for some of my partner’s projects such as an ecommerce website, a holiday property rental dashboard, a lead capture system and a job board.

For my side project, I built ICanNowCode - a directory of self-taught developers and bootcamp grads and had a blog sharing people’s coding journeys from around the web.

Apart from my side hustles, I am open for freelance work and I’m legal to work in the UK.

If you want to work with me, drop me an email and we can start from there.

Get in touch or connect with me on Twitter.